About Us




This is what we say when people ask about us: “We are passionate about what we do and put our dedication for food and our land in it. We want to transmit this passion to each and every customer, because we put our honest approach, meaning authentic food and daily dedication, into every dish.
We like taking care of every detail and love telling people about a story, ours, that of our family and our land, putting them together and offering them in every recipe, always and in everything we provide for you.”

Our History




The first stone of the PerBacco Country House was laid by Nazareno Bracceschi, the great-grandfather of Ezio, the current owner.
His legacy, split between his children and then the matter of disputes with other relatives, was then sold to a third party.

Many years later Ezio, reminiscent of a long-standing bond and traditional values, decided to buy it back.
In 2005, the PerBacco Country house was entirely rebuilt based on the model of an old 19th century farm house.

Ezio, Cesarina and their children worked on turning the old inn into the property we see now.
Ezio, his children and his wife deserve all the credit for the joy of coming together in a beautiful place with such a long history.
An ideal place where you can feel at home and enjoy the welcoming feel and fine cuisine recalling traditional authenticity.